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GIS is an integrated collection of software and data that visually organizes information around the concepts of geographic location and space. GIS can be used for geographic analysis, map making, database management, and geospatial statistics. GIS can be applied to many applications in several fields of study. You can use GIS to:

  • Study the distribution of populations
  • Study physcial features of the earth and natrual phenomena
  • Find the optimal location for starting a business or locating an event
  • Identify markets to target
  • Identify geographic patterns like clustering
  • Determine the best routes or paths to follow
  • Tie together separate pieces of data to create new information
  • Create maps

Basic GIS Principles

  • Geographic features are stored in individual GIS files. These files are the raw materials for geographic analysis and map making
  • GIS files are georeferenced, which means features are drawn to scale and tied to actual places on the earth via coordinate systems and map projections
  • Since coordinate systems and map projections are standardized, GIS data from many sources can be shared
  • GIS files come in several different formats; they can represent continuous surfaces (raster) or discrete geometry (vector)
  • GIS software is the tool / window for viewing, analyzing, and manipulating GIS data
  • Data tables that are place-based can be converted into GIS data by either plotting the table data using latitude and longitude or by joining table data to GIS features using a common ID code

Cody Corporation Pty Ltd supplies a range of self leveling lazer levels for the surveying, construction, civil and building industries and trades such as concreting, plumbing, electricians, kitchen and bathroom installation, suspended ceilings, interior fitout, building and construction, farmers, builders, tilers & earthmoving.

Cody Corporation have a range of automatic levelling lasers and Optical Dumpy / auto levels as well as internal fit out lasers with cross lines and dot laser level. Cody's brands include Bear Scientific, Proshot and Spectra Precision and are sold Australia wide in all major citys including, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Hobart, Newcastle, Geelong, Darwin, Gold Coast, Central Coast, Bendigo, Wagga, Moorabbin, Braeside, Brooklyn, Granville, Toowoomba, Wollongong, Hoppers Crossing, Wingfield, Townsville, Horsham, Hamilton, Launceston, Fyshwick, Albury, Nerang and Cairns. Call us for closest location. Each laser level is checked for calibration before dispatch here in Australia.

Cody Corporation has been importing and distributing quality laser levels and survey equipment for over 30 years from Germany, America and Japan.

Cody Corporation supplies lasers for sale through its extensive dealer network through out Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.  If you are thinking about buying Red Back, CST, spot on, tanley, lufkin, bosch, topcon, sokkia, pls, imex, proshot, stabila, pentax, or any other brand check our lasers first for our quality, support, knowledge, back up, service and price, we believe we can provide you with the best levellig solution for your business.

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